Sunday, August 27, 2017

Project #1_Boost Energy

I bought Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project because I want to have in-depth understanding on how deeper happiness brings changes in my life. This is my goal.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, "The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy- it's all that matters."

The author is happy with her life, and she wants to discipline herself to feel grateful for her ordinary day. She did her research and set the happiness projects here:

January: Boost Energy
February: Remember Love
March: Aim Higher
April: Lighten Up
May: Be Serious About Play
June: Make Time for Friends
July: Buy Some Happiness
August: Contemplate the Heavens
September: Pursue a Passion
October: Pay Attention
November: Keep a Contented Heart
December: Boot Camp Perfect

I will start with her Project#1: Boost Energy today which ends on 30th September 2017. That means that I need to fulfill the 12 projects smoothly until 31st August 2018 (Jocelyn, focus on everyday's happiness).

The author breaks down Boost Energy into 5 component parts. Here's how I'm going to apply her 5 components parts on my ordinary day and jot down to keep track on the progress:

  • Go to sleep earlier: Make sure to sleep for at least 7 hours per day to boost the energy
  • Exercise better: Need to exercise at least 15 minutes everyday  (start from the baby step)
  • Toss, restore, organize: Do 5S on the places
  • Tackle a nagging task: Monitor to-do lists and make sure no procrastinatnion
  • Act more energetic: Mind influences the body. Need to be positive :)
I'm so excited to start my project! You could share with me on  how you set your happiness goals for sharing too :)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Jamie the Shiny Straight A's and Kind Person

Jamie the Shiny.
The cousin is leaving us to study abroad next month. In Leo+Lum family, she is the 2nd youngest among 10 of us.

We're excited for her because she is the 1st one to study abroad.
We're excited because we know she is an intelligent girl since she was young. She scored straight A's for her UPSR, PMR and SPM.

Jamie is an awesome person. She knows what she wants. She is a highly focused and talented person.
She hardly let anyone to influence her decision, and would go for her direction. The awesome part is that, she is a kind person.

Happy Lunch Gathering last Saturday
Before leaving us, her parents hosted a lunch gathering in our hometown so she (Jamie) could meet us before leaving. Look, she will be going for 3 years. It's OK, we can contact her in real-time using technology, and take note of the timezone first :)

Jon replaced Jamie to give a speech during lunch gathering
The aunt (Jamie's mum) asked her to give a brief speech during lunch. Without hesitation, Jon (our cousin) stood and give his speech because he is also leaving us to work in another country.

We're fine with that as he comes back every month. :)

Triple J: Left: Jocelyn, Jon & Jamie
Say hello to Aunt Jamie!
She is going to be an aunt soon! Her niece will born in November but she will be leaving next month.
At least Jamie had the change to touch the belly and say hello to this yet-to-name baby.

3 years later, the niece can say hello, walk and play with this Aunt :)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

More Than Just A Lipcream

1. Problem
Wearing lipstick to brighten the face. People told me about it, yet it has been like ages since I really wear anything on my lips.

As time goes by, I realize that my face becomes dull (and many people told me so!), so I thought of making my face better: Searching for the right lipstick.

Right means the full package (tangible good + Intangible service).

2. Solution
I feel grateful that my question was answered finally.
I came across this advertisement via social media.

This lipcream is successful in applying 4Ps of marketing mix.

a) Product
-The product is suitable for anyone who loves lipcream. Not only that, the logo is the one that attracted my sight in the first place.

  • SEAMA. The owner's name is Shema (a.k.a Cyma). You know what, in Chinese, seahorse is (Hai Ma/ 海马) . This brand relates to sea with the lipcreams' color code names are based on Sabah Islands' names.
b) Price
-Reasonable price
c) Place
-Anywhere, anytime to order from the owner via Internet, with the delivery to doorstep
d) Promotion
-Promotion via social media caught the consumers' attention :)

3. Benefits
a) Dedicated consultant
-Initially, I chose "Sipadan" code because I was so scared that bright color makes me look weird.

"Sipadan only looks good on you if you put on makeup. Else, your face look pale."said Cyma.

"Mataking or Kapalai ok?" Cyma continued.

"Ok. I choose Mataking" I replied.

She is right. :)

b) Comfortable lipcream
-It doesn't feel sticky on the lips. It felt as if I wasn't even wearing the lipcream when in fact, I was wearing it.

In the end, my mum, who also said Mataking looks great:)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dear Chester (Linkin Park)

Dear Chester,

I was thinking about Linkin Park when I was driving to work. It was exactly 1 day before I learnt about you left this world.

You are no longer physically here, you just embark on your journey on the other side of the world.
I wrote this after experience the 4 stages of The Change Curve on the day I learnt about this news.

The Change Curve
1. Denial, Shock
- It was once in a blue moon that I will glue my eyes on the phone's screen the moment I woke up. I did that on that day. And saw the news of you leaving this world.

I wasn't absorbing the news initially. I thought it was a news, never knew it is a real news. "I became so numb."

2. Anger, Fear
- Then it reached to my heart. I was angry at myself for never ever been to Linkin Park's concert. Last year, I even put this as 1 of my life's goal to be able to attend Linkin Park's concert 1 day, in future. I love rock music, I want to pull myself into the rock concert 1 day.

Guess what, my uncle, used to attend your concern in our country 4 years ago. He still kept the ticket:) My uncle said, there was a young person asked him, "Uncle, you are Linkin Park's fan too?"

3. Acceptance
- I started to accept the fact that the news is real. You are just, starting to share your awesome voice and music with the other side of the world. A different group of audience.

4. Commitment
- I learn that "In the end, time is a valuable thing". We need to cherish each moment and appreciate the loved one. Never stop loving rock music :)

Thank you for making music for us.

Here's my ever favourite song from Linkin Park.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Music & Toastmasters Have These 3 Things in Common: P.E.T

When I moved back to my hometown, my dad asked, “Jocelyn, do you want take piano lessons?” Music has been my friend since then.

When I was in university, my sister brought me to the Toastmasters club meeting and I joined as the member.

Music and Toastmasters have these 3 things in common: P.E.T

1.       Practice Makes Better

Practice makes better. The consistency leads us to plan the direction and master the foundation to be able to accomplish the goal.

In order to produce a good music, we need to practice the song and take into the account of the pitch and the speed’s rate so that it fulfills the song’s requirement.

To give a good presentation, as a Toastmaster, we draft the speech, get feedback from the mentor and practice until it feels natural when presenting.

2.       Escape the Comfort Zone

We form our habit and get comfortable with it. When we escape the comfort zone, we get to seek the new experience discovering the new talent. It creates new adventure to our life.

That same goes for music. In piano examination, there’s a session call Sight Reading. We will spend half a minute to scan through the piece of music that has yet to be seen before starting to perform the music. This will help us to think and plan on how to produce the good music in half a minute.

In Toastmasters, there’s a session call Table Topics Session. Table Topics Master will prepare a list of questions that has yet to be seen too. We will then volunteer ourselves, and spend half a minute to analyze the questions before starting to present for 3 minutes. This also helps us to think creatively on how to present the topic.

3.       Teamwork

As Phil Jackson once said, “The strength of the team is each individual member…the strength of each member is the team.” Teamwork does make the dream works.

Music teaches us the value of teamwork. My music teacher guided us to prepare for a music competition in high school. Each of us in the music class played a variety of instruments and they mix together to produce the song.

In Toastmaster, everyone helps everyone for personal transformation. We take turn to give speeches, provide constructive feedback and build good relationship as a team.

In conclusion, Music and Toastmasters share the same benefits that enhance a person’s life.

Practice makes better because we get to master the foundation of the topic. With a solid foundation, we get to escape the comfort zone and think creatively. Lastly, teamwork always makes the dream works.